Direct Sales - Outsourced Sales

A business can’t survive without a solid sales strategy. Direct sales helps your business literally get in front of more people.

Direct selling is one of the most powerful ways to get your product or service in front of customers

To put it simply, nothing in the world has more of an impact than human interaction. A face-to-face communication helps win more customers by promoting a personal approach, not over the phone or email. 

At salesmate, we deploy multiple field sales agents who will have meaningful face-to-face interactions that lead to more leads, and in turn more sales for your business.

Our Australian-based field sales team are highly motivated and have seen it all. They’re extremely diverse, but most importantly they’re good at what they do. They work as an extension of your brand, and will happily wear your company branded polos, just for that extra feeling!

Why Direct Sales Suits Your Business

In business, you should have a diverse sales strategy that covers all the bases. Direct sales is one of the key elements of a sales strategy in many businesses. It is favoured in many because of just how powerful it is.

Cost Benefits

If you're thinking of implementing direct sales or field sales agents into your business, there's no better way of doing it than with salesmate.

Scale it up or down

By outsourcing direct sales, as you aren't committed to employees, you can simply scale it up or down depending on your businesses situation. We'd like to think you'll scale it up, but at least the option is always there!

How can we help?

At salesmate, we can tailor our services to retail, business, residental, shopping centres, tradeshows, and special events. Our direct sales services include:

Field Sales

  • Customer acquisition through B2B sales and B2C sales
  • Outsourced sales teams
  • Customer activation and retention
  • Lead generation
Field Support
  • Customer engagement
  • Critical incident response

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